New Tabula Rasa movie coming down your pipe

Eye-up RPG legend Richard Garriott's new MMO in this first gameplay trailer

Tabula Rasa, the forever-in-development MMO from RPG legend Richard Garriott (AKA 'that Lord British bloke who owns a castle') is finally upon us, and we've got some fancy moving pictures (AKA 'a trailer') for you to cast your discerning eyes over.

Combining shooter and RPG elements, the sci-fi MMO has been in development at Destination Games since 2000, and was originally scheduled for release in late 2004. Over the last few years though, the game's hit several pot-holes on the development highway and its direction has been given a complete overhaul. Thankfully, the MMO is now back on track and - according Garriott - those who got hands-on time with it at this year's E3 "had lots of fun and often stayed for hours."

There's no release date for Tabula Rasa yet, but we can at least assume that another 2-year delay is unlikely.