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Just Cause

"It's not Rainbow Six and it's not Benny Hill, but it's somewhere in between" - Avalanche Studios

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However, the impressive aspect of all of this is that the game is running on everything from a PS2 to the latest PC, and it's on PC that we get the worst end of the bargain. Nedfors admits: "We've always been trying to build a scalable world in terms of graphics, and that puts some limitations on the PC version." Indeed, compared to the likes of Crysis, Just Cause is a distinctly old-gen affair, with slightly underwhelming graphics by PC standards.

As such, we don't know quite what to make of Just Cause. At a height of 1,000ft, it's immense, beautiful and awe-inspiring. Sadly, the closer you get to the ground - and to the realities of the derivative, arcade-tinged gameplay - the less impressive and more familiar it seems. At ground level, the sheer size of the environment is also lost somewhat, especially given the uniformity of the jungle terrain.

The best thing, as ever, is probably to ignore the PR bleating about how this game is going to change your life and accept that it's probably not. However, as a playground for arcade-action and over-the-top stunts, it's certainly going to provide a whole lotta laughs.

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