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Blood Money: Exclusive shots

Agent 47 dips into his media vault one last time as he prepares to go into full operation this Friday

Lethal assassin and deadly slaphead Agent 47 grits teeth and executes his latest contract in Hitman: Blood Money this Friday, and we've yanked the strings on our media party poppers to shower the 'net with exclusive screenshots in celebration. Feast your eyeballs on the killer delights.

As mentioned previously, Hitman: Blood Money finds Agent 47 on assassination operations in the US, after he flees States-side following the worrying elimination of his contract agency The ICA in a series of hits. Paid in hard currency for his services in the series' latest instalment - money is an integral part of gameplay, allowing Agent 47 to buy weapon upgrades and more - Blood Money's cash-for-kills action can be experienced on PC, PS2, Xbox and Xbox 360 as of May 26.

Keep 'em peeled for a Hitman: Blood Money review gracing these pages on release day.