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Oblivion: "I wouldn't say it's a Goonies thing!"

Bethesda on its recently released piratey new content - plus, two new class 'lair' plug-ins to come

If there's one thing we love more than anything in the entire universe, it's pirates. All that salty sea air, shivering of timbers, inappropriate liaisons with dead men (Fifteen? All on one chest? Obscene!) - it's enough to make us lose our dubloons. So, with a swagger in our step and a plank in our pants, we called up Bethesda's Todd Howard to find out where the inspiration for Oblivion's latest piratey plug-in, Thieves Den, came from - and if the team really has been spending too much time watching The Goonies.

"No, I wouldn't say it's a Goonies thing in any way," Howard explains, "except there's a pirate ship, a cave... I think what we did, one of the ideas we had for downloadable content was, we want to do kind of castle/keep 'lairs' for class archetypes so we did the Wizard's Tower and then we just released Thieves Den. We wanted to do a thing like, 'I'm a thiefy guy, I want my own hideout' and, you know, the pirate den feel is something that a lot of guys here like, so that's what we did."

Fair enough - but what about the remaining classes, can we expect any new 'base'-style content for them? Howard divulges, "Although I can't tell you what they are yet, we do have two other 'lairs' that are coming for other class types. That's what we want to do so, for each character type, there's something that you can download that feels like it's in theme - so, you know, I'm a wizard, I'm a thief, I'm a warrior, I'm an assassin kind-of-thing."

So, two more 'lairs' are in the works for - ooh - warriors and assassins, maybe? Who knows. While we ponder that one, we're off to polish our peglegs and primp our parrots. Arrrrrh.

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