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Elebits pulls some Wii shots off the shelf

Konami's Wiimote-controlled yank and tosser flashes a bunch of screens in our general direction

Speak to those who managed to worm their way into the Nintendo stand at this year's E3 and some of them will whisper the word "Elebits" breathily into your ear. Then lick your chin. You see, Konami's new Wii, erm, yank-'em'up was, for many people we spoke to, the surprise of the show.

Despite it's simplistic appearance, the game's a bizarrely transcendental experience. The basic idea is to roam the environments - in E3's case, a kitchen and garden - using the Wiimote to push, pull, yank and fondle everything in your path, in a desperate bid to hunt out the mischievous, titular Elebits. Once you've found them, it's possible to harness their electrical abilities to boost your own powers, meaning you can lift and shift objects of greater size.


Basically, it's a game about throwing stuff around. Hooray then! Konami has released a bunch of - it has to be said - not particularly inspiring shots of the game, but we've stuck them up mainly as a way of wedging Elebits into your cranium for later reference.

Disappointingly, none of the shots seem to have followed Nintendo's guidelines of whacking a gigantic picture of somebody playing the game in an excitingly frenzied manner alongside the screen. So we've done our duty, and made our own here.