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Rogue Trooper

Not a hugely challenging shooter, but perhaps worth a look if you're a 2000AD fan

Rebellion blew a couple of hats off with its first 2000AD conversion; Dredd Vs Death took two of the best-known characters from the stable, and now it's Rogue's turn for his first digital daytrip since the days of 16-bit. And there aren't any crates of Red Bull lying around, either.

First off, it looks good, in a grimy war-torn way. The controls tutorial starts with the presumption that you've been holding a pillow to your face since Quake, but as Rogue's squad are killed and their bio-chips incorporated into his equipment, it starts to become fun to play.

The weapons you discover from blueprints and the powers you gain from your friends (decoys, sentry guns, upgrades, micro-mines) aren't ground-breaking, but they're diverse and faithful to their roots.


It isn't a hugely challenging third-person shooter though, and the tutorial is too mothering for too long. Perhaps it's just me, but when Gunnar said, "Take cover, there's too many of them," I refused because it wasn't my idea. And I died. So thanks, Gunnar.

Finally though, kudos to the scriptwriters and actors for providing a stream of banter that never once made me want to pull my jaw off and mash my teeth against my forehead. Something so rare, I added two to the score.

The verdict

Toxic but nice