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Frontlines: Fuel of War

If oil be the fuel of industry, fight on

Kaos accepts, which its US Government doesn't, that the world's natural resources are on the brink of running out. Furthermore, a dispute over scarce goods is rarely solved by diplomatic means. Its new future war sim is a projection of what could well be in store further down the line, with the US-Euro side battling the Russians-Asians in Central Asia.

"It's going to reflect the frontlines of tomorrow," says lead developer Frank Delise, "a Call of Duty meets Battlefield experience. It's a go anywhere, do anything, single-player game, set in the near future, 2024, with a really deep backstory. It's set in the locations where resources are an issue, combined with the developed world's oil dependency. It presents the facts as they are."


Each eight-episode campaign takes you from an initial point of balance to a victory of sorts. The Chinese/Russian side, fearful of the US encroaching on their territory, will fight from Istanbul to Turkmenistan, whilst the US will battle all the way from Iran to Moscow. Achievements will reflect both how well you do in battle, as well as the RPG elements of the game. Depending on the character you choose and its role, achievements are based on your choices and actions, as well as other elements such as length of service.

Kaos, coming from a background in the mod community, is also promising full support for customisation. Beyond the ability to model your character and decide his skills and orientation, it's promising to have content packs available for download. This could be shaping up to be a potential Battlefield 2 killer, but we'll have to wait and see.