DS Lite gets ready to rumble

New slimline rumble pack for your DS Lite, erm, rumbles Japan-ward

We're all agreed, the DS Lite is one saucy beast, but although there's already a DS rumble pack that you can insert to introduce vibrating thrills to your handheld experience, the general consensus is that it's a weighty old beast and spoils the rather sleek styling of your Lite.

Well that's all about to change, in the Land of the Rising Sun at least, as Nintendo has just introduced an ultra slimline Lite rumble pack to perfectly answer all your Lite-rumbling needs on its Japanese website.

Pictured above, it certainly is a slimmer, more suitable accessory and seems to cost no more, so we're sure it'll appear over here in due course - probably following the release of the ultra desirable handheld on June 23.