Liberty City Stories gets PS2 street date

Rockstar's handheld outing hits the streets in June, and at a rather reasonable price

The next Grand Theft Auto title, GTA: Liberty City Stories for PS2, will hit shops on June 23 according to the latest word from maker Rockstar.

For those of you not in the know (both of you), Liberty City Stories first made its appearance on PSP last year. Although it rather effectively recycled the city and environments of GTA III, Liberty City introduced a brand new character, plot and mission structure and rapidly became one of the handheld's key titles.

Well if you don't own a PSP or you just fancy just checking out LCS's many delights on a home console, the end of June is now the date to save. However, reflecting the fact this is not a brand new title, LCS on PS2 will set you back a pretty reasonable 19.99 GBP.


Of course, everyone wants to know what's happening with GTA IV, but don't expect any further details too soon on that one soon, and the next GTA we'll probably see is Vice City Stories for PSP, with a possibility that may eventually get a PS2 outing in the fullness of time.