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The Movies Stunt-ed growth

Lionhead's movie mogul sim getting a website expansion in time for stunts expansion, plus new screens

Lionhead has announced that it's giving its The Movies community site, The Movies Online, a brand new makeover in time for the release of the game's first expansion, Stunts & Effects.

From today, all users will have a full 10Mb of storage space to upload all their finest cinematic creations for the world's perusal, while gamers who pick up the Sunts & Effects Expansion Pack - available in Europe from June 9 - can revel in a slightly more whopping 25Mb.

Additionally, Lionhead is offering improved features for individuals to promote and market their movies, including the ability to create and distribute movie posters across the site. What's more, with the arrival of the expansion, new categories are also being added at The Movies Online for stunt movies and features made using the add-on will have their own dedicated sub-charts.


In anticipation of the expansion pack's imminent release, Lionhead has slung a few more shots of the game onto the 'net. One demonstrates a helicopter fly-over while the other features a man attempting to massage a woman's breasts with a couple of door handles. Enticing.