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In a twisted fantasy world you have the choice to be evil... or really evil

It isn't easy being evil. A long time ago an evil despot known as The Overlord was overthrown by seven brave heroes. Unfortunately, having freed the land from tyranny, they themselves fell foul of greed and ambition, becoming just as wicked. Next year, Codemasters and Triumph Studios are giving you the chance to become part of that vicious circle. Playing as a brand new Overlord, you'll be able to command a legion of gremlins and get revenge on the seven heroes who now rule the land.

While it sounds like a traditional fantasy game, the tone is dark and humorous - more A Bard's Tale than Oblivion. The gremlins under your command are fiercely loyal, and there's a lot of pathos when you send them into battles that are certain death. They gripe and complain, but always do your bidding. In fact, you're so evil that you might even enjoy watching them get massacred.


But you're not the only rogue in the land. Pretty much all the inhabitants have their humorous flaws, like the dwarves who spend all day greedily mining for gold to spend getting pissed in the taverns at night. The halflings aren't much better - they've gone on the rampage, enslaving all the local peasants. Worst of all, though, are the bloodthirsty unicorns. If you thought they were beautiful, noble creatures, you might think again when impaled on the end of their tusk.

The game's weapon system looks equally intriguing. To enhance your armoury you must instruct the gremlins to pillage a forge and rebuild it in your tower of darkness. You can even throw a few minions into the furnace and watch them burn just for a laugh!

If Overlord manages to be as likeable as Fable, it'll be doing a tremendous job. Triumph Studios' game sounds similar because morality plays a big part in the course of your adventure. But instead of choosing between good or evil, the choice is evil or pure wickedness. Mwahahaha!