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New attack wave of Battlefield 2142 screens

Play spot the cloaked trooper as more combat in the near future assaults our eyes

It's all gone a bit tits-up for Earth in the near future. A second Ice Age has turned much of the planet's surface inhospitable leaving two military superpowers - the European Union or the newly formed Pan Asian Coalition - battling for remaining habitable land. This is the scenario Battlefield 2142 drops at our combat-booted feet, the latest title in the series taking the Battlefield formula and lavishing it with futuristic tech, weapons and vehicles. New screenshots have been released.

Battlefield 2142 introduces a new gameplay type, which carries the moniker Titan mode - shown in the new screenshots. In the mode, teams are tasked with destroying the opposing army's Titan, a huge flying warship, while defending their own. In order to defeat a Titan, troops must take out its shields, board it, fight their way to the Titan's inner core and detonate it from the inside. EA describes Titan mode as "genre leading gameplay innovation" that "changes the way you play, encouraging both teamplay and strategy in explosive large-scale confrontations".


We're expecting Battlefield 2142 to launch at the end of the year.