The Darkness

Can Riddick developer Starbreeze strike gold with extreme violence and supernatural horror?

Starbreeze Studios is set to tackle the dark/light dynamic prevalent in its critically acclaimed Chronicles of Riddick once more with its first Xbox 360 project - an adaptation of comic book property The Darkness.

In this FPS you'll assume the role of Mafia Hitman Jackie Estacado, who inherits a demonic power known only as 'The Darkness' - a power that will be wielded along with more traditional weapons of the genre as Jackie tries to survive both police and his relatives in the Francetti Mafia.

The game will feature a newly created storyline penned by series writer Paul Jenkins, and the gameplay will tie in with the mature content of its original source material. Expect all the extreme violence of a gangster movie mixing with supernatural horror. Jackie will be able to summon Darkling creatures, using them to scout ahead and take out enemies. Imagine controlling a pack of sadistic demon Orcs and you're pretty much there.


As well as his dark underlings, Jackie can extend long organic tentacles from his body, allowing him to lift heavy objects, such as police cars. With a release date scheduled
for the end of the year, we've high hopes that Starbreeze can once again turn a relatively unknown property into videogame gold.