Fresh Battlefield 2142 screens deploy

Fresh rush of screenage from EA's futuristic battlefield shooter - and it's looking mighty fine

Battlefield 2142 was easily one of the most impressive multiplayer FPSs at this year's E3, carrying on the mighty ethos of the Battlefield empire while adding a whole new future war spin to proceedings.

So this morning we welcome a fresh platoon of screenshots from the game like long lost brothers in arms who've suddenly re-appeared from a long-range recon mission.

There's nine screens of shooty goodness to enjoy from B2142's intriguing scenario which sees Earth undergoing a second ice age and the forces of the European Union and the Pan Asian coalition clashing over the remaining available land. Hmm, kind of puts those current agricultural subsidy rows into perspective.


Ahem, anyway of course there'll also be a host of new weapons, vehicles and armaments to explore and EA will no doubt provide further details before the game launches its online offensive toward the end of this year. Meanwhile, we'll just have to content ourselves with this latest array of screens and await the BF2142 delights to come.