Eidos bringing Justice to DS

Superhero extravaganza on its way to Nintendo's GBA and dual-screen handheld

Eidos has announced that it's set to bring superhero extravaganza Justice League Heroes, currently scheduled for console release on PS2 and Xbox, to Nintendo's handheld GBA and DS too.

GBA will recieve Justice League Heroes: The Flash, developed by WayForward Technologies, featuring everybody's favourite high-speed daredevil. Apparently you'll wield his "Speed Force to strike enemies before they can strike back, unlock powerful combination attacks and slow-down time to defeat adversaries in slow motion". What's more, other Justice League members, including Superman, Wonder Woman and Batman will be on the side lines to help you out in a tight spot.

Meanwhile, Sensory Sweep Studios is helming the DS version which sees you commanding Superman, The Flash, Batman and Wonder Woman via the stylus and touchscreen. Acting as a prequel to the console versions of the game, DS Justice League Heroes enables you to "use objects within the destructible environment against enemies at will and also call in devastating attacks from other DC Comics super heroes, like Aquaman and Green Arrow, to help save the world from certain destruction".

Both handheld titles are set for release this autumn.