Perfect Dark Zero: New maps have landed

Four new PDZ multiplayer battlegrounds are ready for action

We're reliably informed by Microsoft that the new Perfect Dark Zero map pack is finally ready for download love on Xbox Live, after the company jumped the gun at the end of last week with the announcement on their availability - which, er, was a bit premature.

Anyway, we haven't managed to drag our 30-foot ethernet lead across the office yet, but according to Microsoft the four new multiplayer maps - titled Plaza, Rooftops, Trench and Gas Plant - in the pack are available for purchase on Live Marketplace for the reasonable price of 500 Microsoft Points. Apparently, the maps are fully functional with all existing game modes.

This map pack is the first in a long line of promised download content for Perfect Dark Zero, with whole-new Scenario and Counter-Op modes in the pipe-line. When exactly these modes will hit is anyone's guess, though, so for now you'll have to make do with these maps - and we'll let you know if anything else PDZ-related sneaks onto Microsoft's Marketplace.