New PSU screens fulfil our phantasies

Sega's new Phantasy Star game is almost here - drool over new screenshots inside

We're almost too embarrassed to reveal the amount of hours we spent hopelessly addicted to Sega's epic Dreamcast MMO, Phantasy Star Online. Frankly then, we're a bit worried by the sight of these new Phantasy Star Universe screens - we can practically feel our social lives slipping away.

After suffering a number of delays, PSU is now heading for Xbox 360 along with PS2 and PC. Under the loving arm of Sega's Sonic Team, 'Universe features a new single-player adventure promised to wield over 40 hours of gameplay. In the online arena you can expect extended six-player squads, advanced character customisation and three brand spanking-new planets to explore. We might as well sign our lives away now.

Phantasy Star Universe is out for PS2 and PC in October, with the 360 version following in February next year.