Micro Machines movie roars off dinner table

Codemasters shows us its new Micro Machines V4 game in this first gameplay trailer

In an ideal world, today's youth would spend their free time playing Micro Machines games, instead of bunking off school and drinking White Lightning in the park. Look at us - we've got plenty of happy memories of wrestling broken Mega Drive pads and driving pint-sized HumVees over pool tables. Or at least we would have if we hadn't drunk so much White Lightning in the park.

The latest entry in the series, Micro Machines V4, speeds onto PC, PS2 and handhelds at the end of this month, and promises to revive "everything you've always loved about the Micro Machines games." So lots of zany power-ups and dinner table race tracks are to be expected, then. Spy out the micro racing action in a gameplay trailer that's been released by Codemasters.

Micro Machines V4 speeds into the shops on June 30.