Tony Hawk's Project 8

Hawk's biggest ever skating game unveiled! We catch up with the dev team for the scoop...

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Because you're effectively the tea boy of the skating world, you'll need to earn pro skater status by pulling off rad tricks (an ollie on its own doesn't count) through photoshoot locations littered around each level. Fans of the original Xbox launch title Amped: Freestyle Snowboarding will remember a similar feature. But taking your public performance in a new direction continues with you needing to shoot a good combination of tricks for the camera. And we just love watching those crazy kids smashing their two front teeth into the pavement. So you'll have to be better than that. The 'trick' here is to not headbutt a wall or crush the family jewels on a rail but listen to the cameraman's descriptions of what he wants to see, and keep up with him.


And putting smiles on peoples' faces doesn't start and finish with the skateboarding-wannabe cameraman either. For the first time in the series you're going to have to impress the heck out of Project 8's pedestrians and other citizens if you don't want to be made to look foolish. "Not only will they clap when you pull off a good trick or move, but they'll also laugh when you bail or punch you in the stomach should you slam into them," reveals Zilberberg.

So apart from becoming the best skater in town what else is up Shaba's sleeve? How does a set of enhanced multiplayer features grab you? All the classic modes of play will be back in there (including the great Horse mode that sees players tricking to collect words before their opponent), as well as a few more. But one thing that's still a mystery is the online side of things - if indeed there is one. Hawk games - at least in the UK - have always lacked online gaming, apart from the most recent Tony Hawk's American Wasteland of course.

Actually there's nothing more at all to tell you for now, but you'll see what we're up against. We will, however, know more soon, and will hopefully have some solid multiplayer info to give you, so watch this space.

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