Mercury blobs on in sequel

Archer Maclean's PSP puzzler getting a follow-up in the wobbly shape of Mercury Meltdown

Ignition Entertainment has revealed that a sequel to stellar PSP puzzle game Archer Maclean's Mercury is sliding into games emporiums in September.

Mercury Meltdown, as the follow-up is titled, once again tasks you with controlling a blob of Mercury through puzzly levels while attempting to avoid hazards and obstacles. However, the liquid star of the series has now been graced with four different 'states' - slow, normal, solid and fast - which so it says here allows for "larger more complex levels, which in turn mean a greater challenge and more enjoyment to be had for the player."


In addition, word is that original Mercury's progression system and structure has undergone an overhaul for the sequel, which we're told makes Meltdown accessible to players of all skill levels - good news for people crap at Mercury. Plus, other notable features of the follow-up include over twice the number levels present in its predecessor - so that's 160-plus levels, folks - downloadable content action (we're promised extra levels will be released post the sequel's launch) a new graphical style, new wireless multiplayer modes, unlockable party games and - yay! - state-of-the-art blob physics.

"For Mercury Meltdown, we have listened to the feedback received from the first title and have also added many new additional ideas", sayeth Vijay Chadha, MD of Ignition Entertainment. "While remaining true to the first game, Mercury Meltdown has a more accessible look and feel designed to appeal to everyone".