Test Drive Unlimited screenshot salvo

Ten new shots zip off the start line in Atari's impressive looking rubber-burner

Test Drive Unlimited is easily one of the sauciest looking 360 racers ready to debut this year and to coincide with a freshly announced beta test, Atari has unleashed a fresh salvo of screenshots from the game to celebrate.

Unfortunately UK and Euro fans looking for a chance to get an early go on the PS2 version of the game (which accompanies the 360, PSP and PC versions) are going to be disappointed though, as the beta test is only open to US residents. So no need to get excited just yet, unless you happen to live Stateside in which case, get signed up now!


Still, TDU's Massively Open Online Racing (or MOOR to give it its full snappy acronym) is shaping up rather nicely if these latest batch of screens are anything to go by, with players able to burn up the virtual roads of Hawaii in some extremely hot looking motors and even motorbikes judging by that tunnel screen.

TDU's release date is currently floating at the rather nebulous sounding autumn this very year, but hopefully it won't be too long before we get our hands on this racing beauty. Until then enjoy the screens.