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Call of Duty 3 flashbombs Wii

As in, some light shed on Treyarch's version for Nintendo's next-gen console. Clever, eh?

Back at E3, Activision announced that the next iteration of its Call of Duty franchise - number three, if you've lost track - would be hitting Nintendo's Wii come the console's launch at the end of the year.

Not much else has been heard of the game since then, but now, some rogue scans have appeared on the internet, giving some kind of clue as to what the final game will look like. Although we haven't the foggiest idea where the scans have come from, they show two shots from the game, alongside some brief words from Sam Nouriani, producer on Call of Duty Wii.

Speaking about the innovations Wii's remote offers to enhance the series, Nouriani says, "Typically, the reticule in CoD games is centered on the screen. With the [Wii] game, because of its accelerometers and a position-pointing device in the actual remote, we've freed the player up. We're going to be spending quite a bit of time in the coming months tweaking that until we get it just right."

Excitement and thrill all round then. You can check out the scans and marvel at their blossoming smoke stacks by following our handy and convenient link.