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Ridge Racer 7 screens drift in

Namco's new PS3 Ridge Racer revealed in a convoy of speedy screenshots

It was only a few months ago when we first pumped the next-gen gas on Ridge Racer 6, but already the seventh instalment can be seen speeding ever closer in our rear-view mirror.

This latest batch of Ridge Racer 7 screenshots reveals the kind of funky menus and environments we can expect from Namco's PS3 racer, which it's promised will support up to 14-players online and provide over 20 new tracks to race on. Behind the scenes the game is being developed by veteran series producer Hideo Teramoto, with Hiroshi Okubuo taking up sound duties and Masaya Kobayashi in the director's chair. Given the quality of the last two games in the series, we can't wait to see how Ridge Racer 7 turns out.

Ridge Racer 7 screeches on to PS3 in November.