Reservoir Dogs

We lend Volatile an ear as it discusses its game based on Tarantino's silver screen classic

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Dave Manuel: The Pro/Psycho rating system monitors how you play the game according to your morality or 'philosophy'. The game tracks every situation and character that you encounter and records how you dealt with it. The player that decides to shoot their way through indiscriminately will be assigned a high Psycho rating. The player that minimises casualties and relies on threat rather than violence will be assigned a high Professional rating.

The 'threat system' encompasses a range of new controls that enable the player to manipulate and control any character they wish. Civilians are easier to manipulate than cops, with the mere brandishing of a gun enough to make a civilian compliant. More leverage will be required when dealing with cops, however taking a hostage should be persuasion enough. In terms of the mechanics, the player will be able to order characters to do a variety of things: freeze, get down on their knees, move around and unlock doors. When dealing specifically with cops, the player will also have the option of disarming them and interrupting them when calling for backup.

The Bullet Festival is linked to the player's adrenaline which increases over the course of a mission, as and when the player places themselves in tense or dangerous situations. With a full quota of adrenaline the player will be able to replicate the mind state experience by Mr Blonde in the heist and rapidly shoot a large number of targets in quick succession to lethal effect.

Any plans for co-op or multiplayer?

Dave Manuel: There were initially plans for this, however we wanted to concentrate on the single-player experience, making it deeper and replayable rather than spreading ourselves too thin as some games try to do.

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