New Prey screens snared, demo news

Have a gander at these latest shots from the PC and Xbox 360 FPS. Plus: confirmation on demo release next week

3D Realms' and Human Head's first-person shooter Prey brings its gravity-flipping-alien-annihilation action to PC and Xbox 360 next month, but in the meantime we're standing on our heads - not purely because we've nothing better to do, it just helps our dwindling brain cells to understand the topsy-turvy combat on display in new screenshots a little better.

Erm, anyway, along with these new Prey screenshots there's now confirmation that a Prey (PC) demo will debut in the US on June 21 at 9pm Pacific time, which we've worked out by twiddling the hands on our Mickey Mouse alarm clock equates to 5am on June 22 on these shores. According to reports, the demo features an hour's worth of gameplay - in single-player, we guess that means - and additionally two maps for multiplayer showdowns.