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Splinter Cell 360 screens step in to the light

Sam Fisher's next-gen adventure stuns in a fresh batch of Xbox 360 screenshots

Sam Fisher's next stealth outing is looking better and better. In fact, if Ubisoft told us these screenshots were actually their espionage-packed holiday snaps, we'd probably believe them.

As you can see from the screenshots, Double Agent seems to offer a little more variety in the action department than previous series entries. Some of these screenshots show off Double Agent's new 'directed moments', which are essentially interactive cut-scenes. In the pictured sky-diving scene for example, you'll be able to pull off 'extreme stunts' and activate Sam's parachute. We can't wait to pull of some 1080s.

According to Ubisoft, Splinter Cell: Double Agent is still penned for release this September. If you're still hungry for more Double Agent info-nuggets, why not check out our extensive coverage by sliding eyes right, or head on over to the brand new official website.