GTA IV to burst with RAGE?

Reports suggest that Rockstar's next-gen GTA will use their Table Tennis RAGE engine

Rockstar Presents Table Tennis is undoubtedly one of the best looking games for Xbox 360, which is why reports that its game engine might be used for the next GTA have us as excited as pre-teens in a sex shop.

The report comes from entertainment news network MTV news, which claims that Rockstar's proprietary game engine, RAGE (Rockstar Advanced Game Engine) will be used to power Rockstar's next-gen crime opus, Grand Theft Auto IV. The engine has previously been used in Rockstar Presents Table Tennis, and pushes out some visually stunning graphical effects.

This news is unlikely to come as a surprise to most, after all Table Tennis was strongly tipped to be Rockstar's way of dipping a toe in the next gen waters before the release of the massive next-gen GTA. Still, it's fantastic news if true; you only have to look at Table Tennis's gorgeous graphics, to know that Rockstar's engineering bigwigs have conjured up a technically fantastic game engine.

As you probably know, Grand Theft Auto IV is dated for October 19, 2007. We can't wait to see the luscious visuals Rockstar come up with.