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Swap life on the farm for the chance to ride a dragon

The Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers, Forgotten Realms: Demon Stone, and now Eragon - developer Stormfront's portfolio is certainly consistent, with each third-person fantasy-based action-adventure fine-tuning everything seen in the previous one.

This is your archetypal tale of a farm boy destined to save the world, with the eponymous youngster finding what he believes is a blue stone that actually turns out to be a dragon egg. Out hatches a female dragon called Saphira, who teams up with Eragon to help the Dragon Rider fulfil his destiny.

Gameplay is split between aerial combat on the back of the scaly beast and on-foot missions that look like continuing where Stormfront's previous games left off. There are dozens of characters fighting on-screen at once and an extensive list of magic, combos, grapples, blocks, counter-attacks and finishing moves. You can also call on more powerful dragon summon attacks.


One strange omission from Forgotten Realms was a co-op multiplayer mode, which has been rectified here. A second player can drop in and out of the action at any time, opening up team attack bonuses and allowing one person to control Eragon and the other to control Saphira.

Early indications are that this will top Forgotten Realms and The Two Towers. At the very least the dragon combat looks much more exciting than recent efforts such as Drakengard 2.