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Prey: Work on post-release content underway

Level designers working on the FPS already creating new Deathmatch maps, although the ETA for the maps is TBC

It appears that forthcoming Human Head/3D Realms shooter Prey will benefit from new multiplayer-focussed content not too long after its July debut.

Prey project lead Chris Rhinehart has revealed that, as work on the game draws to a close, a number of level designers who have worked on the PC and Xbox 360 FPS are already creating new Prey Deathmatch levels. Although Rhinehart hasn't given an ETA for the maps at this stage - the designers have apparently "just started on them and aren't at the testing phase yet" - he's given some indication of what to expect from the multiplayer battlegrounds.

Rhinehart's explained that the level designers have "been working on some new looks" with the maps, and "creating some levels that are better designed for one-on-one battles". Apparently, the majority of existing Prey Deathmatch levels have been designed for four to eight players, "although some also function pretty well with fewer than four players", Rhinehart's noted.

So, erm, there you go. Let's hope the new Deathmatch levels aren't the final word from Human Head on post-release content for Prey.