Need for Speed: Carbon - first details

Info premiers on EA's PS3 and Wii racer and the next Christmas No. 1 contender

Whispers have been circulating the internet for months, but EA's latest money-raking street racer has finally been officially unveiled, and the series looks set to once again dominate the charts this Christmas.

Revealed in the latest issue of Game Informer US, Need for Speed: Carbon is looking very much like a fusion of the Most Wanted and Underground titles. The latest NFS instlament retains much of Most Wanted's police chase sequences, while re-introducing the modding system made popular in the Underground games.

But despite the franchise's money-raking potential, Carbon also has some new features, like a remixed game structure based around winning territories across a map. Three different maps are on offer, each with seven territories to control through racing duels. Controlling territories opens up bonuses for the player, like cheaper parts to pimp up your ride.

Another introduction to the series is Canyon racing, where players race on narrow circuits alongside deadly pitfalls. Some kind of team element is also promised for Carbon, with team mates helping you out by ramming rivals off the track and providing the drift bonuses where possible.

We'll have more word on Need for Speed: Carbon as it zooms in.