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Archlord bears Orcish fruit

Humans and Elves representin' too in Codey's new RPG where you get to rule them all

Archlord is Codemasters' epic new MMORPG and the company has released first game details today on the three playable races you'll get to enjoy, in your quest to rule the entire game world.

Not that surprisingly, the first races revealed are pretty much your standard fantasy fare with Humans and Orcs joined by the lunar-influenced Moon Elves. Apparently, over 20,000 applied to join the world of Chantra in the Archlod beta test in the first few hours of the beta sign-up opening, so it's as well to be prepared and here's what Codemasters has to say about each of the three playable factions.


The Humans
Having broken away from their Orc masters, the Humans form a noble race forging a new life in the game's magical world of Chantra.

The Knights are brave warriors famed for their melee skills. They display great loyalty to comrades and those who employ them and a fierce determination in battle.

The Archers provide ranged support in battle with powerful arrow based attacks and speed.

The Mages are renowned for their goodwill and desire for betterment. The Mage is not to be underestimated by their diminutive size; they control powerful magic and can take down towering enemies.

The Orcs
The Orcs have occupied Chantra for many years and once considered themselves the eldest race on Chantra.

Few rise to be a Berserker, an esteemed position that requires both great strength and a flare for magic - a devastating combination when in battle.

The Hunter, with excellent night vision and stamina, provides excellent reconnaissance and support skills to any group.

The Sorcerer is one of the most sociable characters in Chantra, but possess devastating powers being able to master rituals and curses alike. They always run the risk of being tainted by the darkness they have been forced to embrace.

The Moon Elves
The Moon Elves watched over Chantra for a long time before revealing themselves. Through their caution, only two classes chose to step into the world: the Ranger and Elementalist.

The Ranger is widely recognized as the most well rounded of all the ranged attack classes, with an ability to traverse any terrain, and devastating speed.

The Elementalist makes great use of the many powerful summons they are blessed with. They are able to use these summons in battle, more than making up for their lack of physical strength.

Marvellous. We've also uploaded a fresh batch of screens and a new movie from the game which allows you to explore the delights of being an orc. For further info and details you can check out Archlord's Official Site for a whole bunch more gaming goodness, and even sign up for the beta test.

Enjoy. Archlord is currently expected to debut this autumn.