Psychonauts infiltrates Microsoft's mind

Tim Schaffer's call-to-arms apparently resulting in a backward-compatibility update to Xbox 360

Last week, or thereabouts, we did our bit for the gaming world at large by bringing news of Tim Shaffer, mastermind behind everything from Day of the Tentacle to Full Throttle, and his rallying cry to get Microsoft working on a backward-compatibility update for Double Fine's superb Psychonauts.

Now, if internet reports are to be believed, it looks like fan response to Schaffer's pleas has been enough to get the backward-compatibility bods at Microsoft toiling away on a Psychonauts update to be released in the future.

According to a poster on the IGN Forums (yes, we know, but surely they can't all be frauds, right?) going by the name of Alan Stuart and claiming to be an 'Emulation Ninja' deep in the heart of Microsoft, that update is on its way: "I actually, really, truly am one of the developers on the backwards compatibility team. No foolin", Stuart wrote, "Rest assured, we are working on Psychonauts."

Okay, so it's hardly the Gospel according to Microsoft, but it's good enough for us for the time being. Of course, we won't know anything for sure until the company's ready to unleash its next backward-compatibility update, which - given the recent arrival of the latest one - might be some time yet.