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BattleStations: Midway

An all-out, WWII action-strategy game set on air, land and sea - and under it!

On the PC, strategy games have been the lifeblood of the industry, but release a strategy game on a console and you don't only expect it to sink, you expect it to plummet straight to the bottom, through the crust, accelerate past Go without collecting 200, zoom past the seven pits of hell and emerge somewhere round Melbourne. Before shooting off into orbit. That history of total and utter failure, shouldn't stop people trying though. Right?

We believe that Midway could be the ship that sinks and rises again; the submarine if you will. Based around the war in the Pacific, Midway follows Captain Henry Walker as he moves from command of a single ship to the command of a squadron and then a complete combined air, sea and, um, undersea force.


This parallels the move from the disaster at Pearl Harbour to the triumph of the battle of Midway (which game developers can't leave well along - seriously, the fricking naval war didn't start with the arrival of America.)

You can take control of anything ranging from a Dauntless dive bomber to a small rapid torpedo boat to a B-17 bomber to a stonking great Battleship to a murky sub. These have a variety of weapons, all of which are AI controlled if you're not currently using them and, combined with your self-sufficient AI allies, you can just concentrate on shooting up the enemy (the AI has deliberately been balanced so it's worse at attack than defence, leaving the exciting bits up to you.)

Not that it can't be cerebral if you want it to be; a press of the select button brings up a top-down strategy map that you can scroll and zoom around. You can also select individual squadrons and give them orders in the usual first person way (though we'd rather we didn't have to leave the strategy map at all), set waypoints and basically co-ordinate strikes on hard targets or groups of enemies. Combining brains and brawn, Midway offers up a complete naval experience for the Second World War. The real battle - to convince console gamers about action-strategy - is yet to begin.