Madden NFL 07

A new take on the age-old NFL formula

When we were at the unveiling of last year's Madden, the American journalists with us went ballistic (most surprising, we know). Yet another layer of gameplay and option-a-tronic goodness had been added to the Madden cake, and we wondered if the whole gooey mess wouldn't tumble in on itself. Well, here's 2007's version and EA has once more added the obligatory updates to the already impressive range of game styles and team rosters.

What's new this year then? First up, as well as everything you got last year, EA is planning to include more control of the overall running game (ie, how you choose to push up the field in real time). This means that for the first time you'll be able to play as the lead blocker, the guy responsible for opening up the field and allowing the play to pass through the opposition. Then, once you've successfully cleared a path, we'll be able to switch down to the sneaky tailback who'll go in and keep the hole open, battering
anyone who tries to tackle you or halt your progress.


EA has also improved upon the 'rushing controls', the moves and runs you use to fight your way upfield. There are new jukes and cutbacks, and the specifically recreated trademark moves of some of the NFL's top players. Now, if you understood all that, we're sure you're pretty excited. The rest of you, our sincerest apologies - it took over three hours to decipher ourselves. Still, it's not looking too shabby for the 17th (yes, 17th!) sequel, is it? Hut, hut, hut!