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Reservoir Dogs

The Dogs return for an expanded addendum to Quentin's seminal gangster flick

And so the increasingly popular habit of converting movies into games turns its sights on Quentin Tarantino's seminal Reservoir Dogs. At times we thought it would never happen. At times we suspected it would find the trash can before it found our living rooms, but here it is in all it's 'expanded universe' glory.

For those of you familiar with the 'heist gone wrong' plot, there were a few nagging issues we wanted clearing up, a few loose ends if you will. Although Tarantino undoubtedly wanted us to ponder over what happened to Mr Blue and Mr Brown, or where Mr Pink actually hid the diamonds, those mysteries will be blown wide open. We're sure Quentin will be over the moon.


What actually happened at the heist will also be fully explained as you play the game in the order of the movie. From the coming together of all the Misters, through to the classic ear-sawing scene and brutal stand-off between Mr Pink and Mr White, it's all going to be there. Eidos is calling its take on the film "an unprecedented opportunity to play through the events of the movie and fill in the gaps." And just so long as Eidos keeps it nice and nasty, we'll be happy.

It's clear a lot of effort has gone into getting the game as close as possible to the film, because when you saunter through this third-person slaughter-fest you'll have the soundtrack buzzing in your ears. 'Little Green Bag' and 'Stuck In The Middle With You' will both feature, as will the voice talent of some of the actors themselves.

You'll get to play as each of the main characters, and each will have very different motives for acting the way they do, the most interesting of whom is sure to be Mr Orange, the undercover cop. Personally, we're holding out for the Mr Blonde scene where we get to chop that poor cop's ear off. If that doesn't make the game an 18 certificate, we're not sure what will. We'll have more news about Reservoir Dogs next month, along with more details and a hands-on.