New Call of Duty 3 info breaks cover

New light shed on Treyarch's WWII FPS sequel as details bomb the 'net

Electronic Gaming Monthly has spilled new details on Call of Duty 3 in a preview appearing in its July issue - details of which an forumite has dutifully waded through and plastered across the internet in a shower of CoD love, bullets and indeed bullet-points. The information in EGM's article has been broken down into three sections by the forum poster, with the likes of new tech bumping up the realism ante noted along with key gameplay and multiplayer changes/additions.

According to the post/EGM preview, Call of Duty 3 focuses on WWII campaign Normandy Breakout, relating the Allied forces' thrust inland following D-Day to push the German Army back and liberate Paris. Players will once again form part of British and American fighting units, with the Canadian Army and Polish Resistance joining the playable ranks in the sequel.

We've presented all the information appearing in the forum post below (more or less as posted), but we'll say here that details that have caught the eye include significant environment improvements, a multiplayer class and rank system, with ranks giving access to new abilities, a new multiplayer mode and hand-to-hand combat that's likened to that in Condemned.

Leaps over Call of Duty 2:

  • In game system has been rebuilt
  • Characters move more realistically.
  • More textures and shaders in the environment
  • No more boarded up windows so now you can see the turn up landscape all around you.
  • Foliage remains flattened when you walk over [it]
  • Grenades leave real scorched earth.
  • Surfaces react to bullets like they should, grass is different from steel, steel is different from wood, and wood is different from water
  • More than 24 characters on screen at one time
  • Destructible cover
  • Global winds affect smoke grenades
    • Now, when a tank moves through smoke grenades the smoke will curl around it
    • Bullets through smoke with stream out the other side moving the smoke
    • Trees and grass will move with the wind

Things change:
  • You actually have to go through the actions of planting a bomb instead of holding A
  • You have to row a boat while still trying to shoot you way to freedom
  • Hand to hand combat compared to the way Condemned works
  • Load times are bring erased between levels

  • 24 online
  • Single or Splitscreen
  • Players choose their class ranging from medic to sniper
  • Each ability as you earn points in rank - for example, a scout at first can only call in a couple artillery barrages. As they gain ability they will be able to call in [more sustained attacks]
  • Online leaderboards track stats and rankings by specialty
  • New Multiplayer mode called 'War'
  • Axis and Allied teams battling for strategic locations.
  • And of course vehicles

Further details on Call of Duty 3 - including screenage - are expected to top trenches next month. Slap binoculars to your eyes and keep 'em peeled.