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GTA IV shot - shot down

About as likely as CVG being elected pope in our humble opinion ++Update++ Rockstar shoot it down too

Fishier than a haddock's bathing costume as the old saying goes (although we know a few naughtier variations of that phrase too), but when someone posts what they say could be the first GTA IV screenshot, well, we feel we have a duty to at least let you check it out for yourself.

So there it is top right courtesy of those folks over at Darkzero. Check it out, see a girl with a mace, reckon that at least the Photoshopper got the GTA font right and even had the wit to present it on a TV to add an extra layer of authenticity, then shake your head at the antics of those internet pranksters.

The alleged GTA IV shot - nice try but officially, no cigar!

We could give you a whole bunch of reasons why this isn't the real thing, but probably the chief one is provenance. Nope not that place in France where the bloke spent his year out, but the art and science of where things come from.

It's said to be from a disgruntled Rockstar employee, but that seems a tad unlikely and we're not sure they would have any gruntles left when their bosses got hold of them. If a prototype game engine already exists for GTA IV (and it could given its tipped to use the Table Tennis engine), then it'll only have been seen by a handful of Sony and Microsoft higher-ups.

Frankly we can't really see Peter Moore or David Reeves snapping it on his mobile phone camera and then "posting it up for a bit of a laugh". Can you?

++UPDATE++ The shot's now officially denied by Rockstar - see told you so!