Crunchy Test Drive shots

Carmageddon unleashed in a fresh spray of shots from Atari's splendid looking next gen racer

Much as we love and admire the advanced driving skills required for high octane racing like holding the right line and getting on the gas at just the right point to smoothly accelerate out of the corner, we have to admit it's the crashes and pile-ups which really make our day when we're racing virtually.

Quite simply there's nothing like seeing a few hundred thousands dollars of prime motoring beef erupt in a shower of spark and components, before it gets smeared across the track in one almighty pile up.

Hooray then for Atari which has just released this crunchy selection of Test Drive Unlimited images, which showcase some of the game's automotive carnage in all its glory. Shunts, bumps and full-on smashes are the theme here and it's reassuring to know we won't be denied our pound of motoring flesh from the TDU franchise which hits 360, PS2, PSP and PC this autumn.


Fans of the game should also make a note to tune in next week when we'll be presenting some exclusive movies of TDU in action, but for the moment we'll leave you to feast your eyes on today's automotive carnage.