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Next-Gen Tony Hawk screens pull a 1080

We've scored a bundle of Tony Hawk's Project 8 screens fresh from the half-pipe

We thought Tony Hawk's knees would've gone by now, but his virtual guise is still kick-flipping with the best of them in these new Tony Hawk's Project 8 screens.

We're not sure which version these screens are from but the next-gen flavours of Project 8 are looking rather promising, with a brand new game engine and pro athletes shoved into the proceedings using fancy 3D body scans. The new Tony Hawk promises more goals, side-missions and mini-games than any other 'Hawk game before plus, interestingly, there's a new "impress the locals" system where you can pull tricks for civilians and gain yourself 'respect'. Hmmm.

Tony Hawk's Project 8 is due for PS3, PS2, PSP and both flavours of Xbox in the autumn.