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Armed Assault movie storms forward

New tech demo movie shows the spiritual successor to Op Flash is shaping up rather nicely

We've got to admit we feel a lot of retro love for the Operation Flashpoint series. Bohemia Interactive's splendid Op Flash outings were the first games we can remember which truly captured the feeling of being a humble grunt as part of a far larger military machine.

Okay, when you first encountered Op Flash, the graphics weren't quite as amazing as you'd expect, but all that was forgotten in a nanosecond as you got to enjoy hurling yourself into a full-on infantry assault with a ton of comrades-in-arms in an absolutely epic theatre of war.

More than that, the ability to commandeer and use all manner of vehicles including jeeps, tanks and helicopters in a massive and open-ended game world was amongst the very best of the early military simulators, way before the likes of Medal of Honor, Brothers in Arms and Call of Duty entered the fray.


So it's great to see this new technology movie which showcases some of the fine, fine work Bohemia are doing on the Real Virtuality 2 engine which will power the end game. We could detail all the marvellous new features for you, but since a pic's worth a thousand words and most video runs at 25 frames a second, we calculate watching this movie will save us writing 3000 of the little beggars trying to describe it to you.

So feast your eyes and enjoy Op Flash fans - Armed Assault is very much on the way.