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New Battlefield 2142 trailer deployed

Lots of big, stompy robots and stuff blowing up in this Battlefield 2142 trailer

If there's anything better on a Monday morning than giant, rail-gunning robots and spaceships blowing stuff up, it probably involves a greasy fry-up and going back to bed. Either way, here's a brand new Battlefield 2142 to point your tired eyes at.

Demonstrated in this morning's trailer is 2142's new 'Titan mode', which tasks two angry, futuristic teams at blowing up each other's Titans, which are basically massive, flying warships controlled by your team's commander. We can't wait to theatrically sprint down the reactor core corridors, belting out classic Star War one-liners like "split up and head to the surface!" And "all ships follow me!"

Battlefield 2142 will be in your local shops by the end of the year.