Opera DS web browser looking good

Web reports suggest Nintendo and Opera's DS web surfing software is the bee's knees

As you're probably already aware, Nintendo has teamed up with web browser developer Opera to turn its diminuitive DS into a mighty pocket-sized surfing machine, with the browser and included RAM expansion pack set to hit Japan on July 24.

Now, website Orgs Tech Times has been given the chance to go hands-on with the new DS software, revealing some of the features we can expect to be revelling in, come the browser's release.

For anyone worrying that the DS's small screens might result in a serious case of eye-squint after prolonged use, it seems your fears are allayed. Opera DS will display web pages in two possible modes - the first uses both screens to display the entire page, with long pages cascading down on to the lower screen. Alternatively, the browser can show the full page in one screen with the other offering a zoomed-in view which can be navigated by sliding the stylus around to scroll.

Apparently, Opera DS keeps all its navigation tool to a minimum, ensuring as much of the two screens is dedicated to displaying pages as possible. Icons for things like search and changing page layout are stowed unobtrusively along the bottom of the lower screen. This last function enables you to swap the upper and lower screens around so you can interact with things like page links, buttons, check boxes and text boxes using the touchscreen. Tapping a text box brings up a small Pictochat-style keyboard that you can use to type away to your heart's content.

It seems that Opera DS renders all your favourite web pages flawlessly, with Orgs Tech Times unable to trip the browsing software up. Even site security didn't pose a problem and the team even managed to perform tasks like checking email accounts.

The site concludes, "What I found to be extremely nice was the fact that Opera on DS stayed true to the speed of the desktop Opera browser and I felt as comfortable browsing on the DS as I did on my desktop at home". And you can't really say fairer than that.