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Call of Duty 2 maps land this week

Invasion Pack heading for Xbox Live this Thursday for only 800 of your Microsoft points

If you're still busy bashing the opposition in Call of Duty 2, you'll be pleased to know that five new Xbox 360-version multiplayer maps will be landing this week, and for a smaller asking price than we expected.

According to a forum post by the game's community manager, The Invasion Pack, which was originally planned for release next month, has been snuck forward for Xbox Live deployment this Thursday, June 29. In addition, we're also getting the pack cheaper too - it'll be yours for the handsome sum of 800 Microsoft points, rather than the originally stated 900 points.

Comfortably nestled inside the pack you'll find five all-new multiplayer maps, including Antoville, France (Crossroads), St. Louet, France (Newvillers), Amaye sur Seulles, France (Normandy), Alam Halfa, Egypt (Decoytown) and Rostov, Russia (Harbor). No warehouses or asteroid fortresses to be seen, but there's always next time.

The Invasion Pack comes hot on the heels of last month's release, where four new maps were offered at 400 Microsoft points. Whether or not more CoD2 content is in the works remains to be seen, but given the popularity of the shooter we wouldn't be surprised.