Virtua Fighter 5 screens to kick your face off

Sixteen new shots of Sega's PS3-bound brawler smash their way onto the 'net

We know people who're so excited about Virtua Fighter 5, their enthusiasm actually pokes a hole in the space/time continuum whenever we mention it to them. This is problematic because, invariably, we end up right back at the beginning of exactly the same conversation and the only way to break this cycle is to punch them repeatedly in the face.

Which, in many ways, is a lot like the game itself. Perhaps. Either way, whether you're in the 'Woo!' or 'Boo!' camp when it comes to Sega's classic fighter franchise, there's no denying that the latest, PS3-bound instalment is looking very pretty indeed.


Promising seventeen fighters, including new comers El Blaze and Eileen, you'll have the ability to customise your characters with costumes and a bunch of attachable items to stick on their various body parts. If that all sounds a bit Barbie to you, rest assured that you'll still be able to smash the their chiselled features off afterwards.

Check out the new shots on this page and do a little dance in anticipation of the game's spring 2007 release.