Atari fires Point Blank at DS

Classic lightgun game coming to Nintendo's handheld, presumably more tappy than trigger-fingered

If there's one thing that seems to have been dwindling in popularity these last few years on consoles, it's lightgun games. Despite a couple of PS2 games, it's all been a bit sparse on the home-shooting front. Which is why we're happy - if a little skeptical - that Atari has announced it's bringing Namco's Point Blank series to Nintendo's DS later this year.

That is, happy that one of the finest lightgun series ever made is getting a fresh new outing, but slightly troubled by the fact that it's inevitably going to turn into delirious poke-fest using the handheld's touchscreen and stylus.


Still, Atari is promising four difficulty levels, 40 different stages, high-score free play, arcade and classic coin-op challenges. There's even a mode called 'Brain Massage', which probably isn't the cynical brain training bandwagon-hopper we originally thought, given it offers a game where "players' abilities are analyzed with a frantic screen tapping shoot out". Finally, there's also a single-cart sharing multiplayer mode for two players, chucking up a selection of mini-games to tackle head-to-head.

Point Blank DS is currently scheduled for release in Q4 this year, and we've got a miniscule selection of screens to tide you over until then.