Turok dons next-gen loin-cloth as the dinosaur-hunting series roars back onto the scene

We loved the original Turok: Dinosaur Hunter on N64. So as an Xbox launch title back in 2002, we couldn't wait to stick it on and experience next-gen gaming for the first time. Everyone gathered around the screen in anticipation as the first tribal enemy came rushing out of the thick, blue fog. We pulled out the shotgun and blasted him; blood squirted out his neck and he staggered to the ground in a rag-doll style. It was truly amazing.

Unfortunately, the shine has since gone off the Turok series - Acclaim drove it into the ground with its dodgy sequels. Now Buena Vista Games has picked up the licence, it looks like it's giving the character a complete makeover and taking the series in a whole new direction.


The hero is no longer a Native American, but a super-hard US Commando called John Turok. He's accompanied into the prehistoric jungle by an equally angry-looking soldier, which suggests that the game could feature some co-op or squad-based gameplay. Although Turok still uses stealthy weapons like the bow and arrow and a nasty-looking combat knife, this FPS is anything but stealth-based - the E3 demo was an exercise in relentless carnage. Developer Propaganda Games is aiming to top the original game for extreme weapons, gore and unbelievable explosions - a task that will take some doing.

Of course, all this is secondary to what Turok is really famous for, and that's fighting gigantic, mutant dinosaurs.

One of the major new features is that you won't just be battling dinosaurs, but also figuring out ways to use them to your advantage. This could involve leading a hungry T-Rex into a pack of terrified enemy soldiers, or possibly using a Triceratops to smash through barricades.

There will be major steps forward in AI and online multiplayer, too. Imagine facing off against your mates as well as a pack of bloodthirsty raptors. It looks like the Turok series finally has something to look forward to after several years of wandering aimlessly in the prehistoric wilderness.