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Pixar's latest movie race-tuned for videogame burn-ups

Unusually for a Pixar title, there are a few raised eyebrows about Cars, mainly about whether or not it's going to live up to the pedigree of previous Pixar movies such as Toy Story, The Incredibles and Finding Nemo.

The same, we're sad to say, goes for the game. See, the thing is, when we played it, one obvious sticking point made itself abundantly clear. That being, you never see the car's faces when actually playing the game. Being a racing game it's all represented from behind and above the vehicle, so if you were to just stumble upon this running on a TV, there'd be no indication that on the other side of the vehicles sparkly white Pixar eyes were goggling about!


That said, the theme-ruining perspective aside, we were playing it in the company of a dozen screaming seven-year-olds (don't ask). And their verdict? Well, the little scamps seemed to love it. Cars is exceptionally easy to play, and while the handling and difficulty levels probably could do with a little readjustment (to make it harder, that is), the game itself is shaping up as a perfect introduction to the racing genre for the smaller gamers among us. Bless 'em.

The tracks are blissfully kiddie friendly (none of those scary Forza-style chicanes and hairpin bends), and are taken directly taken from the tracks in the movie itself. Lightning McQueen, the spangly red hero of the piece, can careen around NASCAR stadiums, or go cross country, meeting characters from the movie along the way in a story-driven mode. And once he's met up with them, they then join the ranks of drivable vehicles in your garage. It's ever so straightforward, but hey, the kids were loving it, and who are we to argue?