Justice League Heroes

Classic DC super-friends gang up to clatter evil on Xbox!

We know what it looks like. Superman Returns is almost upon us, and suddenly a Superman-themed game that has nothing to do with the movie is announced. It's got cash-in written all over it, right?

It would have were it not for the fact that Justice League Heroes is being developed by Snowblind Studios, responsible for Baldur's Gate: Dark Alliance, which not only dazzled us upon its release, but has since formed the template for the X-Men: Legends games and the upcoming Marvel: Ultimate Alliance. So we're paying attention.

It only seems fair that the DC stable of superheroes be given the same treatment as the Marvel lot - so enter the Justice League of America. This heroic band of consists of Superman, Batman, Green Lantern, The Flash, Wonder Woman, Martian Manhunter, Zatanna and a few other unlockable characters (we're promised), and is being touted as "an action-adventure game with role-playing customisation". You know the way you can upgrade aspects of the Marvel gang's powers? That's what you can expect here too.


Although the story is being kept a closely guarded secret, we're being told the action will span from Metropolis to "the farthest corners of the universe", and we've already seen brief glimpses of a strange skeleton army parading down the streets of a modern city in the trailer. Thankfully we're also being promised fully destructive scenery, so having Superman melt everything with his heat vision should prove to be very satisfying. Like the Marvel games, Justice League Heroes will also feature co-operative combat, letting you team up with a mate and combine your powers. No word yet what the benefits and powers you'll get from combining forces will be yet, but we're sure watching Supes and Batman do their 'thing' together will be far more explosive and impressive than just having one of them fighting on his tod.

The story is being penned by award-winning comic and animation writer Dwayne McDuffie, whose CV includes the likes of Static Shock, Justice League, Damage Control and Deathlok - hardcore comic franchises. There's some serious Hollywood voice talent putting their name to the game too, with Hellboy actor Ron Perlman lined up to play Batman, while Family Guy's Ralph Garman will be on hand to provide other voice talent (we hear he'll be voicing The Green Lantern, one of the unlockable characters).

EA's Superman Returns is currently in the pipeline, and we're hazarding a guess it'll focus more on 'consumer-friendly' gameplay. So for those of you hankering for a little more in-depth superhero action, Justice League Heroes could be just the ticket. We'll have more super-news and ultra-screens coming soon...