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Red Steel unsheathes its blog sword

Ubi's producer Marie-Sol Beaudry intros the joy of swordfighting on Red Steel's new blog

Red Steel is one Wii title we're really, really looking forward to, because any game which allows you to swing a virtual sword in anger fulfils our long standing dream of engaging in epic sword battles from the comfort of our own living room (but not in any uncool Star Wars kid kind of way you'll understand).

Ahem anyway, Ubi's developers have just started up a blog and the first entry from producer Marie-Sol Beaudry from its Paris studio, details how it will be implementing that crucial sword fighting mechanic with the wonderful Wiimote.

Beaudry begins by saying the game's sword fighting proved a real challenge, but, "We quickly learned that wielding a sword and manipulating the controller was a lot of fun, but we didn't want to force people to become actual professional swordsmen - just have fun.

"Also, we have to consider the animations of the sword and matching it up with what you see on screen. We didn't want any delay whatsoever in response to what was happening with the controller and what you saw on the screen. "

However, Beaudry also acknowledged how important the controller is to anyone making games for the Wii and how it informs pretty much every design decision: "Everything we're doing in the game is directly effected by the controller. This includes everything from level design, overall game design, movement and storyline."

Beaudry teased with one last info nugget too, saying there are a couple of surprises in store for Red Steel players, finishing with the cryptic, "Also the sword fighting is going to offer more diversity in movements and couple of special moves I will not talk about this time."