Prey on Sunday: 360 demo re-dated

Alien-blasting mere days away as Microsoft announces new date for the FPS sampling

Hot word spurting straight from the mouth of Microsoft is informing that the delayed Xbox 360 version of the Prey demo will hit Xbox Live Marketplace this Sunday - July 2.

Probably laughing it up and jabbing a large finger of +5 mocking into the ribs of the 360 gaming fraternity, PC gamers have been enjoying the demo for several days, while Xbox 360 fans have been forced to sit around twiddling thumbs as the console version of the FPS taster remained in testing. But the wait will shortly be over.

Prey, in case you're unaware, is a shooter that finds a Native American bloke called Tommy battling nasty extra-terrestrials on-board an alien space ship. Along with the demo, it's expected that 360 owners will additionally be able to, for a price, get hold of a Prey Dashboard Theme and Gamer Pic pack.

Prey releases on Xbox 360 on July 14.